The latest and most innovative online casino white label system.

The latest and most innovative online casino white label system.

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Dive into a world of excitement with PLAYXOS, where gaming knows no bounds. Our platform has comprehensive functions for you to operate, target your players precisely with advanced tools, prevent unnecessary losses, maximize the valuable with the least resources.

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Theme Slot

Theme Casual

Theme Siam

Theme Thai

 Rich Games Selection 

Property 1=PG amb


Property 1=RedTiger

Red Tiger
Slot – Casino- Sport

Slot – Casino- Sport

Slot – Casino- Sport

Property 1=IM sport


Property 1=Playtech

Play Tech

CQ9 Gaming

Rich 88
Slot – Casino- Live

Seamless Integration: PLAYXOS is already seamlessly integrated into the panel, ensuring a hassle-free and immersive gaming experience for both operators and players. Choose from over 185 game studios from an aggregation portfolio of over 16,000 game titles.

Global Payment Gateway

Experience the convenience of our platform with support for a wide range of Asia-centric payment gateways, eliminating the need for lengthy KYC processes. Choose from over 70 brands with 15 currencies included visa & master and AUTOBANKBOT.

High-End Security

Playxos Cloud, based on its self-developed firewall, has deployed top-tier DDoS defense, detection, protection, and filtering systems in its self-operated data centers in locations such as Hong Kong, the United States, and Singapore. This enables achieving T-level defense peaks, effectively safeguarding against DDoS, CC, and other malicious attacks, ensuring the security of users’ networks.

PX2 GIA Premium Globally

It supports defending against all types of DDoS variant attacks, effectively protecting against large-scale T-level DDoS attacks, ensuring your website is always online. 99.9% Uptime.

All Playxos high-defense servers are located in renowned global data centers, integrating multiple international routes, allowing customers to enjoy ultimate speed and stability.

Exclusive Flagship Performance

All servers use top international brands, and outstanding performance, fault tolerance, and scalable capabilities are exclusively yours, guaranteeing a high-quality user experience.

Intelligent Power Management

With Playxos's high-defense server rental service, you can remotely execute server restarts, power on/off with a one-click switch anytime, anywhere.

Custom Expansion Support

High-defense servers support configuration upgrades and expansion, allowing you to choose internal components, array construction, and other services based on your needs, ensuring the stable operation of your business.

Group 45 (1)

Player Database Protection

Protecting a player database is crucial for the security and privacy of individuals using our services & platform.  We do data encryption at rest and in transit. Only allowed certain level of operation to access controls of player database as well as regular audits.

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